Ján Mazák, as a President of the Judicial Council and the representative in the ENCJ Executive Board, took part at the first meeting of the ENCJ Executive Board

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On the 15th of July 2022, the President of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic, Ján Mazák, attended the first meeting of the ENCJ Executive Board after the Generaly Assembly 2022. The Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic was elected as a member of the ENCJ Executive Board which is the governing body of the association along with the general assembly. 

In addition to organizational matters, the Executive Board addressed the situation in the justice system in Poland and Hungary. It approved a delegation which, if appropriate, will visit Hungary in the near future. Ján Mazák is also a member of this delegation. Furthermore, the possible position of Ukrainian bodies operating in the judiciary as observers in the European Network of Judicial Councils was discussed; this position, if admitted, would be directly related to the decision on Ukraine's candidacy for membership in the European Union.

The President of the Judicial Council, as its representative in the Executive Board, will primarily work on the preparation of the code of conduct for judges, as well as address the issues of independence and responsibility of judges.

The Executive Board underlined the importance of the so-called „lunch seminars“, which are devoted to current topics of European justice. At the same time, the Board highlighted the need for wider awareness of the goals and activities of the ENCJ in the member states and in cooperation with other Union institutions bringing together judges and national judiciaries.

The Executive Board of the ENCJ carries out all its activities in accordance with Article 11 par. 5 of the ENCJ Statute. This article defines the powers of the Executive Board, which include, in addition to the management of the Permanent Office of the ENCJ, also the adoption of all measures for the promotion and implementation of the programme activities of the network. Programme activities of the network are adopted annually by the General Assembly of the network and are listed in the Work plan.  

All necessary documents can be seen on the ENCJ website https://www.encj.eu/

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