The Constitution of the Slovak Republic (Art. 141a para 5)
states that the authority of the Judicial Council implies the following:

to present to the President of the Slovak Republic proposals of candidates for appointment to the judicial office, and proposals to recall judges from their offices,
to decide on the assignment or transfer of judges,
to present to the President of the Slovak Republic proposals for appointment of the President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic and the Vice President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, and proposals to remove them from their offices,
to present to the Government of the Slovak Republic proposals of candidates for the judicial offices who should act on behalf of the Slovak Republic within international judicial bodies,
to elect and recall members of disciplinary panels and elect and recall chairmen of disciplinary senates,
to comment on a draft budget of courts of the Slovak Republic during the preparation of the proposal for the state budget,
other activities if stipulated by a law. 

Act No. 185/2002 Coll. on the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic and on amendments of certain Acts states that pursuant to this Act the following shall fall under further authority of the Judicial Council:

a) to discuss reports on the drawing of budgetary funds of courts,
  b) to approve statutes of the Judicial Council and Rules of Procedure of the Judicial Council,
  c) to approve the organizational order of the Office of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as " Office of the Judicial Council"),
  d) to elect the vice-president of the Judicial Council,
  e) to coordinate the activities of Councils of Judges established under the special regulation,
  f) to express opinions on proposals of generally binding legal regulations setting out the organization of the judiciary, proceedings before courts and the status of judges,
  g) to express opinions on proposals of conceptual documents concerning the judiciary presented for discussion to the National Council and to the Government,
  h) to elect a specified number of board members of the Judicial Academy under a special regulation.

The Judicial Council, after agreement with the Minister of Justice of the Slovak Republic, shall also:

a) approve principles of the judicial ethics 
  b) approve principles of authorizing the work from home
  c) set out the content of training of judges.