The Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic elected candidates to represent Slovakia in the international judicial bodies

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The Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic held its sixth meeting of the year. One of the main topics was the election of candidates for judges who will represent the Slovak Republic in the European courts.

Three candidates Marcela Dolníková Žabková, Ondrej Laciak and Radoslav Procházka are running for the position of judge of the European Court of Human Rights. The Judicial Council, after conducting the election, elected the candidates and will submit them to the Government of the Slovak Republic without undue delay. "I firmly believe that this list of three candidates will be successful. From my point of view, it is also important that it includes a woman, because one of the ECHR´s criteria is gender balance," said Marcela Kosová, the President of the Judicial Council. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is to elect a new ECHR judge for Slovakia from a list of three candidates submitted by the Slovak government . The election was held repeatedly, as the government did not approve the previous proposals of the candidates for judges of the European courts in April this year.

The only candidate for the post of judge of the General Court of the European Union is Juraj Schwarcz, who has been working in Luxembourg since 2009. In this case, the candidacy must be approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic too.

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