The President of the Judicial Council attended a meeting of the Collegium of Presidents of Regional Courts

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The Collegium of Presidents of Regional Courts is an informal grouping that began writing its history in 2022. It is composed of all the Presidents of Regional Courts of the Slovak Republic. Their regular meetings contribute to the effective identification of the problems of the judiciary and the improvement of its functioning.
These days, a two-day meeting was held at the Institute of Education of the Ministry of Justice in Omšenie. Marcela Kosová, the President of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic, was invited to attend it for the first time. "I see great importance in this informal platform, because it is in such a forum that we can identify the problems that plague individual court districts. At the same time, the presidents of regional courts can also informally agree on a common approach to solving the given problems", thinks the President of the Judicial Council Marcela Kosová. The Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic, under her leadership, wants to take an active approach to solving judicial problems and to cooperate closely with the presidents of not only regional courts. "Whether it is about the need to strengthen the analytical centres within the regional courts, which are project posts for the time being, or about strengthening the number of senior court officials. It is also important to divide and define the roles of either analysts or senior court officials", says Marcela Kosova. The Judicial Council has also actively responded to the need for changes in the Law on Judges, where, for example, in relation to the evaluation of judges, it is also necessary to legislatively adjust the system so that it is effective and functional. One of the main topics of the meeting was the Decree on the rules for determining the number of posts of judges and employees. Proposals to address the problems related to the filling of judges' posts and the position and status of a member of the evaluation committee were also discussed. The meeting of the Collegium of Presidents of Regional Courts was also attended by the Minister of Justice of the Slovak Republic, Boris Susko. "In particular, the reform of the court map from the last period was not done after consultation with the judges and this results in problems that arise in practice. Today we can see that the numbers of judges in individual courts, which were set in terms of the optimum, are not quite correct. They will need to be reassessed on the basis of new input data that has emerged, even after the reform of the court map, from individual applications in practice. This is what I expect as a result of this meeting as well as further individual communication with individual court presidents", says Minister of Justice Boris Susko. The meeting of the Collegium also raises topics of common practice that presidents deal with in the management and administration of regional courts. "The importance of this meeting is only in the fact that the Minister of Justice and the President of the Judicial Council accepted the invitation. It is not always possible for the Minister to come to this meeting of ours. Direct contact with these leading figures of the judiciary is extremely important and invaluable. It is extremely important to tell each other what is bothering us, what are the possibilities and how we see solutions for the future", thinks Iveta Záleská, the host of the forum and the President of the Regional Court in Trenčín.

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